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About US


Our mission is to invest in worldwide leading research activities, and offer a  global forum for communication, publication and collaboration at both  regional and international levels.  We recognize outstanding contributions of both acadmicians and research organizations.    


Foresight Institute for Research and Innovation (FIRI) focuses on the following:      

International Conferences/Workshops:

FIRI is dedicated to promoting research and  development and offers an inter-disciplinary intellectual platform for leading scientists, researchers, academics and industry professionals. FIRI sponsors many international refereed conferences which are held in some of the top tourist cities of the world. This organisation has been organising conferences for the past two years attracting delegates comprising of university academics and industry professionals from over 50 countries of the world from instituitons such as:

• The University of Oxford

• University of Cambridge 

 • Purdue University

• Northwestern University

• Princeton University

 • University of California, Berkeley

 • University of California

 • Hong Kong University of Technology

• Australian National University (ANU)

• The University of Sydney

• Cornell University • Tsinghua University

• The University of Melbourne

• Indian Institute of Technology    (Kanpur, Roorkee, Bombay)

• National University of Singapore (NUS)

• Nanyang Technological University (NTU)

• Tsing Hua University (Beijing)


If you would like to find out more about our upcoming conferences in 2019  please click on the links provided on the top menu.  We are still in the process of finalising dates, venues and other particulars for the conferences to be held in 2019. Please visit this website regularly so that you can stay up to date on all information relating to forthcoming conferences.


International Journals: 

FIRI publishes several free-access scholarly on-line refereed journals: 

Foresight Journal of Engineering Mechanics (FJEM)

Foresight Journal of Operations, Statistics and Mathematics (FJOSM).

Foresight Journal of Business Intelligence (FJBI)

Foresight Journal of Learning and Teaching in Higher Education (FJLTHE) - will be online soon

Numerical Analysis in Finance, Management, Economics and Social Sciences(NAFMESS)- will be online soon

Foresight Journal of Particulates and Grannular Dynamics (FJPGD)- will be online soon


Funding Research:  FIRI invests in top talents and leading research projects. If you are inerested in obtaining grants for your research,  click on the relevant link and go to Research Grants.


Our Address:

Foresight Institute for Research and Innovation (FIRI)         
33 Mong Kok Road,                         
Hong Kong                          
TEL: +00852 27935511  FAX: 00852 35902333